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Megagreen is a world novelty in agriculture production in the ecology and production of healty food.

Natural mineral calcite with maritim origin manufactured by a patented nanotechnology in the EU.

Megagreen is environmental, bioaktiv, mineral fertilizer nourishment for leafy vegatable crops.

Certified product that increases growth yields of all vegetable crops, protects and promotes gender into environmental-organic agricultural production.

With excellent results and when used in conventional agricultural production.

Net contains micronized particles with particle size 0,1 to 10 microns.

Organic fertilizer for the nourishment of plants, which inceases the yield by 30%, saving water and to up 75%, significant saving and protective equipment and fertilizer.




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Telephone:++ 389 2 6090 788

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Megagreen is a world novelty in agriculture, environmental production and production of healty food.It is natural, mineral and ecological means of improving growth and yield of vegetable crops and for their protection.
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Megagreen applies to all types:
-Cereal and industrial crops
-Fruits and vegetables
-Flower, ornamental plant spicy
-Herbaceous and woodland areas