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Besides the drought and many adverse effects in the vegetation, the rainy time before harvest of the vine, thanks to the Megagreen showed a positive function and activity. During the drought the vines treated normal life cycle takes place, the vine was lusher and thicker, larger leaves and dark green, with the regular process of photosynthesis, despite the drought.
Reduce treatment with fungicides and bunches stayed healthy despite the adverse environmental factors, specially in the time before the harvest when it is forbidden any treatment.
Sugar content ranged over 20 individual proposals, and the field was not treated is the 16.
Given that reduced consumption of pesticides, increased production with wnvironmental assets which is better, proved indispensable factor in the production of grapes or vine.

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Megagreen is a world novelty in agriculture, environmental production and production of healty food.It is natural, mineral and ecological means of improving growth and yield of vegetable crops and for their protection.
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Megagreen applies to all types:
-Cereal and industrial crops
-Fruits and vegetables
-Flower, ornamental plant spicy
-Herbaceous and woodland areas