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VIP AGENCY-General distributor for the sale of Macedonia. In 2006 made is testing the market penetration of this product.After the deviation of this license in the Macedonia retains the role of general agent and distributor of Megagreen and the region.

LUCERN VIP-Company founded in 2005, which first worked in the food industry but following the innovations of the market decided to start its own production under license of nanotechnology for environmental manure Megagreen.

Currently has etablished the market with this new and revolutionary product and build their own network of distributors in Macedonia and the region.





Telephone:++ 389 2 6090 788

e-mail: vipagency@t-home.mk


Telephone:++ 389 2 6090 788

e-mail: lucernvip@t-home.mk



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Megagreen is a world novelty in agriculture, environmental production and production of healty food.It is natural, mineral and ecological means of improving growth and yield of vegetable crops and for their protection.
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Megagreen applies to all types:
-Cereal and industrial crops
-Fruits and vegetables
-Flower, ornamental plant spicy
-Herbaceous and woodland areas