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Megagreen is a novelty in world agriculture, ecology and production of healthy food.

Certified product that increases yields in organic production, and has excellent results in conventional agricultural production.

Natural mineral means of nourishment vegetable crops.

    If you don't have the answer to the following questions:

  • How to reduce the cost of irrigation in food production?

  • How to increase yields, and they get significantly better fruit?

  • How to increased natural resistance to plant?

Megagreen is the solution for you




Telephone:++ 389 2 6090 788

e-mail: vipagency@t-home.mk


Telephone:++ 389 2 6090 788

e-mail: lucernvip@t-home.mk



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Megagreen is a world novelty in agriculture, environmental production and production of healty food.It is natural, mineral and ecological means of improving growth and yield of vegetable crops and for their protection.
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Megagreen applies to all types:
-Cereal and industrial crops
-Fruits and vegetables
-Flower, ornamental plant spicy
-Herbaceous and woodland areas